Watch Ashlie Rhey's "Daisy Power" Web Sitcom Pilot

Horror fans may best know Ashlie Rhey for her roles in 1990s b-horror joys such as "Witchcraft 7", but I've actually had my eye on her career for a few years now since she started filming her own webseries in 2008 – "Daisy Power" –  which she directed and in which she stars as a new-age psychic that communicates with her guardian angel (the ghost of Marie Antoinette, played by Anjanette Clewis from "Witchcraft 13").

After four years, we finally have a real pilot episode crafted together from the original 2008 scenes and some new ones, totally redone and (I'm assuming) ready to be pitched as a real show online. I won't lie to you: this is fucking weird. But it isn't bad; Rhey does standup and, like other genre-actress turned-director Rena Riffel, is willing to look silly instead of sexy if it gets the joke accross and makes the final product better. That's rare; most of these actressy-type women are vain bitches who don't know a thing about comedic timing, but Rhey isn't one of them. Watch the whole thing now:

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