LONG LIVE THE KING – The New King Kong Documentary

I wrote about Trish Geiger's documentary BEAST WISHES last year for Famous Monsters of Filmland. Then, I saw that she and her co-director Frank Dietz were up to a new zombie mockumentary, which really looked awesome. Now, Geiger and Dietz are making a new King Kong documentary about the legendary monster icon titled LONG LIVE THE KING. Dietz is a well-known monster aficionado, and Geiger is an avid filmmaker with a keen interest in personalities, connections, and relationships, so I expect this documentary will touch on how the character of King Kong as well as the original 1933 film has shaped American pop culture, childhoods, and the history of monster movies. There are also some very talented interviewees such as Frank Darabont, Greg Nicotero, and Rick Baker. Perhaps even Peter Jackson, if they can pull it off!

Watch a bit about LONG LIVE THE KING in this fundraising video:

You can watch A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR in entirety online, right here:

Fright Night Film Fest 2012 Rocks The Women Directors: Raine Browne, Erica Summers, Emily Lou, Kristine Hipps, Allison Patel, And More



I'm totally stoked to hear about a new horror feature called "Loverboy" directed by Erica Summers, screening at the 2012 Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, from June 29th through July 1st.

When Lauren Reynolds, a beautiful girl with a painful home life and bleak future, breaks it off with her drug-addict ex, Matt, she is ready to give up on dating all together. Forced to step up and raise her two younger brothers, Lauren finds herself buried in responsibility. Between working a meaningless nine-to-five with her best friend, and trying to talk sense into her physically abused mother, Lauren doesn't have much time or desire for a new man. Things change, however, when Lauren meets a seemingly perfect match, Brandon Phillips. Soon after, their budding romance blooms into a full-blown relationship and Lauren is forced to decide whether she will uphold her principals or give in to Brandon's seductive charm. Lauren doesn't know that she is about to learn the hard way that Brandon's charisma and patience has a limit and that this suave Loverboy has a much darker, sinister side.

Also brand-new-to-me (and therefore, probably you, because let's face it: who else is obsessed with this stuff?) is the feature "You're Not Getting Out Alive" by Kristine Hipps:

Seven actors….A remote theater….A homicidal maniac…and a clown. Summer stock is murder. 'You're Not Getting Out Alive' is a horrormedy about a troupe of actors in a remote woodland theater, stalked by a killer with a wickedly theatrical sense of humor.  Aging hippie Hunter Rivers is finally producing his masterpiece: 'Southern Greens…The Story of the Civil War Stoners' , a sweeping epic about Antebellum plantation owners swapping out their cotton fields to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, to calm the troops before battle.  He's gathered seven actors in a remote woodland theater to bring his drama to life. The only problem is, there's something nasty in the woods… ready to make it's debut.
Also completely new to me is Yash Dave and Allison Patel's feature horror film from India "Question Mark":
A group of seven students travel to a place, surrounded by trees, to shoot a final year project film. All that is found later is a camera with the footage of their film In November 2010, a group of seven film school students go deep into the woods at a farm house to shoot their final year film project but never return. A few days later, their camera is found. The film is an account of what transpired that led to the disappearance of all seven.
Raine Brown has directed an episode on the anthology horror "Psychostreet" (the segment "No Rest for the Wicked") from Muscle Wolf Productions, which is a group of hot dudes. I love it:
Fay Jackson's vampire flick "Strigoi" is gettin' some play:

Another great, and underplayed in the US, feature in the lineup is Kate Glover's "Slaughtered" – a British film by an Aussie director set in a pub with a serial killer:

Emily Lou's clever horror-comedy feature "The Selling" is also getting some play at the fest. It stars Barry Bostwick, who continues to amaze:

Also playing is 2012 Official Viscera Selection "Sybling Rivalry" from youngster Tara-Nicole Azarian:

"Determined Spirits" by Diana Rumjahn is a short supernatural film about ghosts involving Chinese superstition, is in Cantonese with English subtitles.

Jennifer Campbell's "Hike" is one we've talked about before: a thriller about two people who go hiking together. Alone. In the mountains. How well do you trust the person with whom you're hiking?

Justine Romaine's dark psychological horror short about a young woman with self-destructive tendencies, "What They Say," is in competition as well:

I'd never heard of this short either, so I'm excited: "Mischief Night" by Andrea Henry is about "Four friends head off for a night of fun at a local haunted house but the scares are too real."

"Mr. Bubbles", by Angela Pritchett, is the story of Anette and her teddy bear Mr. Bubbles. The tow of them love to throw tea parties and invite people who live in their apartment complex. Charles, a mean man is invited to the party. What lies in store for him at Mr. Bubble's Party?"

We've already talked about Diana Valentine's "Blood Moon" horror short, but she's getting a screening at Fright Night too!

Angelique Papadelias' "Bloody Henry" is set on Christmas:

Jane has come home to her inner west home at Christmas time to realise she has got an interview early in the morning. She prepares for the following day, trying to get a good nights sleep when she discovers she is not alone. Who is in the house? What do they want? What is in store for Jane? Will she make it to Christmas day?

 Marcia Goetsch's sci-fi short Sci-Fi short "The House" is described only as "Woman, trapped in artificially intelligent house seeks to escape using gadgets and her wits."

Last, there's a new feature documentary co-directed by Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger called "Beast Wishes" about Bob and Kathy Burns, collectors of an enormous amount of classic horror film memorabilia. No trailer, but we've got a nifty poster: