Kate Rees Davies Directs ALTERED PERCEPTION

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is on a roll. She has about a million projects in the works both as producer and director, including the recent;y-completed THE NIGHT VISITOR, and she's about to produce another one: ALTERED PERCEPTION is a science-fiction thriller that will be directed by Kate Rees Davies.
ALTERED PERCEPTION is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that follows four couples as they embark on a clinical trial of a new medication that is designed to help users move past traumatic experiences by altering their perception. As the couples continue their treatment, they begin to question and doubt their memories and eventually their sanity.
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn promises ALTERED PERCEPTION will be a “ unique story line that will resonate with many viewers because of the quick-fix mentality of our characters  and  the science behind pharmaceuticals and government involvement."   Blanc-Biehn will star alongside Chris Meyer, Hallie Jordan, Matthew Ziff, Nichola Fynn, and Christopher Backus, and the film will start production soon.