Teaser for Donna McRae's "Johnny Ghost" Channels Lynch

Donna McRae wrote, produced, and directed this black and white rock n roll nightmare of a movie from Autsralia.

The feature-length horror film presents a "Twilight Zone"-ish story, with a bit of David Lynch for good measure to judge by the teaser, about Millicent: a professional musician who lectures in music at a university. She is also a recovering alcoholic who has a commemorative tattoo that stretches across her shoulder.  When she decides to remove the tattoo, she encounters ghosts of her post-punk past who won’t let her move on so easily. Think drugs, nightmares, regrets, music, and the clash between class-conscious punk-rock sensibilities and normal, bill-paying day-to-day mundania that forces one to live within the system.

McRae made the film for about $30,000 Aussie dollars and it only took ten days to shoot. I'll let you know when it's coming to a festival near you and you can keep up with it here.