PIN UP DOLLS ON ICE, co-directed by Melissa Mira, is the opening night headliner film of the 2014 Shockfest Film Festival in Los Angeles this January. There are a LOT of film festivals all over the world, just about 50 in Los Angeles alone, and it's way too difficult to write about all of them (I'd go nuts, chained to this blog) but every once in a while a festival screens a number of brand new, very intriguing films directed by women that really grab me. This is one of those cases.

PIN UP DOLLS ON ICE is actually a sequel to a low-budget slasher called BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE (with which Mira was not involved) and stars Suzi Lorraine, one of my fave low budget horror actresses. So I'm going to this premiere because HEY it's in Los Angeles and guess where I am? And also, it looks pretty fucking fun!

The Pinup Dolls are a hot retro act who put the tease back in striptease. But when an old friend (Suzi Lorraine) hires them to put on a show at a secluded campground, the girls find themselves being stalked by a homicidal maniac with a sick obsession with ice. As they're hunted one-by-one, they soon realize they'll have to rely on more than just their looks to survive this nightmare named Moe.

Patricia Chica's short CERAMIC TANGO has actually been on my radar for a few months, so I'm excited to know it's getting some play in my native land.

After receiving grave news, a young man spirals into a deep depression, leaving him vulnerable to the will of a dangerous intruder. CERAMIC TANGO is a modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life.

CERAMIC TANGO award-winning short film by Patricia Chica (Official Trailer) from Patricia Chica on Vimeo.

Jennifer Nicole Stang's THE DEVIL'S SNARE is having its world premiere screening. You can watch the short film right here if you can't actually make the festival:

SWALK, a short mystery/fantasy/drama directed by Dawn Cobalt, is also premiering at 2014 Shockfest.

A man must dress for a funeral and say goodbye to his wife one last time.

Sadly, no trailer for SWALK, but enjoy this poster:


CRAZY TOWN, directed by Jules Dameron, is a sort of WIZARD OF OZ mash-up re-imagining, and to be honest – I have high hopes for it. Any film in which Sean Young plays white trash is okay in my book.

ZOMBIEWOOD is Lauren Petzke's short comedy that, like CRAZY TOWN, also seems to make fun of the Hollywood Dream.

There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your “undead” life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer – get a SAG card! While the world in general has little use for zombies, there is one industry where they fit in very well – Hollywood!

No trailer for ZOMBIEWOOD either!


And of course, Jessica Cameron's TRUTH or DARE is screening. We've covered that film quite a bit already!