Shriekfest 2012: "The Dump," "187: The McKenna Murders," & "Slumber Party"

The 2012 Shriekfest Film Festival is happening October 5-7th, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. This awesome festival is screening several new short horror films directed by women, including our 2012 Viscera Film Festival Best Director Award Winner "The Dump" By Rebekah McKendry.

"The Dump"  synopsis: Two unrelated serial killers inconveniently bump into each other at the site they both use for dumping bodies. It's funny. Very funny. You will like it. That's why it won the Viscera award thingy. It screens on Saturday, October 6th at 2 PM.

On Sunday the 7th in the noon block is Nicole Warner's found-footage horror short "187: The McKenna Murders": A young couple's home video turns into haunting footage of their final day's alive.

Also on the 7th, in the 2 Pm block, is Jenn Wexler's short "Slumber Party": A dark wish becomes a nightmarish reality when best friends play a game of Bloody Mary.

These last two I have not seen yet, and so am stoked to death. Luckily this takes place in my part of the world so I can be there, with secret snacks in my purse, to watch.

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