'Out of Print' – Julia Marchese's Doc About The New Beverly Theater

If you live in L.A., which I am unfortunate enough to, you know what the New Beverly is. It's kind of like saying "Alamo Drafthouse" to people who live in Austin, or "Somerville Theater" to people who live in Boston, or probably also some theater in, like, Toronto. Julie Marchese has worked with the New Beverly theater for years, ensuring that a steady stream of grindhouse, rare, old, crazy, new, and underappreciated films are screened before live audiences.

Sure, there's gum on the seats and everyone's drunk. But that can be a good thing.

Marchese is turning her passion into a documentary film called "Out of Print". Listen to her talk about it:

The film's synopsis-like thing says,

The Major Studios (the owners of the old films) have recently written a letter promising to withdraw their 35mm prints. Last year I started a petition last year asking studios to let their film prints remain available to revival theaters indefinitely. I successfully raised 10,000 signatures from movie lovers in over 60 countries around the world.

This documentary plus the support of movie lovers from around the globe, will petition the studios to see sense and to truly value the rich history of the cinema going experience. With your help we can preserve a little bit of our past and share it with the generations that are to come.

Well, fuck you, studios!

The documentary will include famous directors that support the New Beverly such as Kevin Smith (Clerks), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Joe Carnahan (The Grey), Rian Johnson (Brick), Joe Dante (Gremlins), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), Patton Oswalt (Young Adult), Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go), Tom Holland (Fright Night), John Landis (The Blues Brothers), Fred Dekker (Monster Squad) and Allison Anders (Gas Food Lodging). Check out the film's Kickstarter page for more info for now.

Like April Wight's "Going Attractions", this is a film about an important part of film history and fandom.

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  1. As the owner of the New Beverly, I need to correct a statement that was apparently made in the synopsis, according to the above quote. The studios have NEVER written such a letter "promising to withdraw their 35mm prints." One studio did send a letter to all theaters indicating that this particular studio would no longer make its new films available in 35mm in the near future, but this letter was in reference to first run films only and had nothing to do with repertory. The studios are distinct entities and never sent a collective "letter" as the quote implies.

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