Madeline Olnek Interviewed Everywhere By Everyone About Lesbian Sci-fi

Well, "everywhere"  and "everyone" may be exaggerations. But the director of the sci-fi comedy "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same" is getting press from respectable joints like Melissa Silverstein's "Women and Hollywood" and Filmmaker Magazine over the January 6th Theatrical Release of her feature. She says to Indiewire,

Of all the genres in B-movies, the sci-fi ones are the most financially successful because they really tap a nerve for people, in terms of the collective unconscious fears of nuclear war, the atomic bomb dropping etc. I thought it’d be funny to take that paranoid world and combine it with lesbian romance.

If you think the title of her feature is silly, you're correct. The lead character, an alien lesbian, is named "Zoinx." How does that not make you spit milk, right there? She says to Filmmaker Magazine:

I have to make it clear that I hate all dramas…I think making dramas is immoral, if you are capable of making a comedy.

I've been following Olnek's film for a while now, pleased to see it getting the recognition it needs despite being triple niche (gay, sci-fi, and low-budget). I'm the glad the film world seems to be sucking less today.

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