Lori Bowen's 'Stella Buio' Trailer Rocks

Am I plugging a friend?


Am I ashamed?


Why, when everyone agrees that people in "the industry" only plug their friends' shit should I be ashamed of plugging my friends' shit (I know that sounded sexual to some of you, but it isn't)?

Lori Bowen has created a very cool little film with her Italian-horror-inspired "Stella Buio" starring the incomparable Linnea Quigley. Honestly, watching this new trailer for the short reminds me not only of 80s Italian horror flicks, but also of genre classics like Kevin Tenney's "Night of the Demons" and David DeCoteau's "Nightmare Sisters." Yes, probably because of Linnea, but there's also this incredibly fun, incredibly 70s/80s quality even to the trailer that I just adore.


Maybe exactly "how Italian 70s/80s" it is won't strike you until you compare it to this, Stacie Ponder's 70s/80s Italian horror movie spoof trailer "In Satan's Closet" featuring the incomparable me:

See, one is a spoof, and one is an homage. Can you spot the differences?

If you can, congrats! You're on your way to becoming a more full and complete person. "Stella Buio" is complete and will be in places where you can see it soon.

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