The Room at the Top of the Stairs by Briony Kidd

Five Australian Women Directors, One Horror Anthology

So delighted that, following on the heels of XX, there's a new all-female-horror anthology in the works from the gals down-under in OZ. The anthology will be set in a small Tasmanian town and will be produced by Lizzette Atkins under Unicorn Films’ ‘Horror from Down Under’ brand.

Isabel Peppard (BUTTERFLIES),  Donna McRae (JOHNNY GHOST),  Ursula Dabrowsky (the DEMON Trilogy), Briony Kidd (THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS) and Rebecca Thomson (ZOMBIE LESBIAN MUSICAL) are the five Australian women directors, and this is the film's synopsis:

Australia`s hottest female directors grab horror by the balls and deliver tales of terror and mayhem. Apocalyptic visions, bloodthirsty curses, creatures gone mad, a voodoo granny, a rape revenge reversal and a sadomasochistic sugar daddy make up one gory and gruesome horror flick that will change the cinematic landscape forever. In a small Tasmanian town, haunted by its past and terrified by its future, five stories play out…

In a recent interview in ScreenHub, project helmer Briony Kidd said,

“First of all we have to have another ‘horror camp’ – like we did earlier this year – where we get together and have a road trip and look at spooky locations and discuss and develop our ideas. We all have pretty solid stories, but what we’re working on now is how to twine them all together in the most interesting way. Standard anthologies can often seem a bit slapped together, but we are very concerned that they fit together and have an overall story arc. We have very different styles but we have a lot in common, and we can each play to our strengths. The idea is to create quite a sophisticated story world that’s quite realistic, but within that realist world outrageous stuff starts occurring – as you’d guess from the project description!”

You can read the entire Screen Hub article by Rochelle Siemienowicz right here.




3 thoughts on “Five Australian Women Directors, One Horror Anthology”

  1. Very cool. It's interesting that it is set in Tasmania, which is very much like a little country of its own.

    It's a very beautiful place but is so isolated it has always been seen as separate from the rest of the country, both physically and sociologically.

    And it's also where the worst mass-murder in Australian history took place. In other words, it the perfect place to set a strange horror anthology.

    1. There have been several mass murders of the indigenous population, lots of terrible accounts of harsh incarceration and some horrible murders. But the scenery is nice.

  2. Tasmania does have a terrible history, that's true.

    And yes, beautiful natural environments and a vibrant cultural industry these days.

    Hope you will visit!

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