"Despite the Gods": Penny Vozniak's Doc About Jennifer Lynch's 'Hisss'

Remember Jennifer Lynch's "Hisss"? The horror film about a woman that can turn into s nake, from Hindi folklore? No? It was awful. Director Jennifer Lynch, herself, disowned the film after she lost control, and the movie itself didn't reach US audiences until just recently and without any PR of any kind, and only on streaming download.

Penny Vozniak's new documentary "Despite The Gods" is all about Lynch's struggle with making, and releasing, and then disowning "Hisss". It's going to premiere as part of the HotDocs film festival this April/May 2012.

Jennifer Lynch, daughter of cult film auteur David Lynch, made her auspicious directorial debut in 1993 with Boxing Helena at the Sundance Film Festival. A box office disaster, the film was viciously mauled by critics and became the focus of multiple lawsuits. Fifteen years later, a recovering addict and hard-working single mother, Lynch returns to the director’s chair with an ambitious project that will test her skills and the entire crew’s sanity. Despite the Gods brings us behind the scenes on the set of Lynch’s Bollywood/Hollywood action film about a man-eating snake goddess. Out of her depth shooting on location with an Indian crew and two top Bollywood stars, Lynch turns her production into a vehicle for her own self-actualization, paying no regard to timeline, budget or reality. As the story in front of the camera derails, the story behind the camera explodes.

Lynch comes off as brutally honest and likable; you reminds me of her father in all his brutal likable non-Hollywood bullshit honesty. You can clearly see Lynch's struggle to make her film the way she wants to despite a machine of industry in India and it's many obstacles. You can also see her frustrations about her life in general. There's something keenly refreshing about seeing someone be so open to the camera. And that's just what I got from the trailer:


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