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Awards Time: 'Hunting', 'Trippin", and 'Maiden and the Princess'

cmp dv 86 Trippin WebRes Keyart 216x300 Awards Time: Hunting, Trippin, and Maiden and the PrincessOkay, it's time to tell you who won what lately.
Laura Maxfield's short horror film "Hunting" won Best Horror Film at the Victoria Independent Film Festival in February, 2012!
Devi Snively's feature-length horror comedy film "Trippin'" won Best Horror/Comedy at the Whitewater Film Festival (somewhere in Wisconsin, USA) in Fall, 2011, and the filmmaker just got her statuette!
Ali Scher's short fantasy "The Maiden and the Princess" just keeps on getting accolades everywhere it goes. The film won a  Golden Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival in February 2012.
"The Maiden and the Princess" is also the winner of a 2012 College Television Award and Scher will get her trophy/statue/whatever it is on March 31st, 2012 in Los Angeles.
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