America Young's "Elf Sabers" Combines Christmas and "Star Wars"

America Young and Teal Sherer made this short fantasy film, involving a lot of comedy, holiday sentiment, and saber fights between two potential elves at a holiday audition.

This is not the first saber-girl-fight video I've seen, but it is the first one that isn't a sexist peice of drivel designed to showcase  how hot the chicks are. "Elf Sabers"instead  showcases acting and awesome special effects, which is refreshing, along with the diverse cast, which is also refreshing.  Watch the short:


Comediva, one of my fave sites in the universe, conducted an interview with actress/producer Teal Sherer, in which she discusses the impetus for the short:

I've wanted to be in a lightsaber duel for a long time, so the video is basically me making that dream a reality.   I met Casey McKinnon at Comic Con earlier this year and knew who she was via twitter/the web and was impressed by her work and thought that she would be a great person to collaborate with.  I told her about my idea and she was on board.   Since the holidays were coming up I thought it would be fun to tie the lightsaber battle into a holiday themed video.   I literally came up with the plot when I was swiffering my hard wood floor, and I immediately rushed to my laptop to email Casey about it.  America was the next person I told.  I've always wanted to work with her as a director and I knew that she would rock it with the lightsaber/fight choreography.

You can read the whole interview here and see some behind-the-scenes images. Sherer has been in "The Guild," among other alternative media genre stuff directed by women.

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