A Zombie Next Door

A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR by Trish Geiger and Frank Dietz

I recently had the pleasure of writing a 4-pager for Famous Monsters of Filmland's June 2013 issue on BEAST WISHES, a documentary directed by Trish Geiger about Bob and Kathy Burns, those genre film memorabilia collectors.

I'm so happy to learn that Geiger is back, with Frank Dietz (who also was a part of BEAST WISHES) on a new mockumentary, A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR. Like most Monster Kid endeavors (and Dietz is one), A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR is lighthearted, silly, but shows a strong love and understanding of practical makeup FX, horror homage, and what makes classic horror films so special to so many horror fans.

The film is complete, and is currently in post production. Check out the teaser, and enjoy it. It seems like the kind of zombie film parents could enjoy with their kids, while still packed chock-full of references only adults will understand (you know, like a Bugs Bunny cartoon). I'll keep you posted on new developments…

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