9 Million Reviews Of "Donner Pass"

Just kidding, not millions.

Elise Robertson's slasher film "Donner Pass" has been reviewed quite a bit recently, and I wanted to link you to some of the articles.

Scared Stiff Reviews really liked it; they called it "an old school horror movie with great pace and a surprising conclusion."

28 Days Later Analysis, my "favorite" (not favorite) site, says:

Donner Pass is one of the best independent horror films that this reviewer has seen. The music amplifies tense scenes, the script veers when one might expect it to go straight, the story is well written and characters matter. The film is simply more than a slasher film. The use of a curse in the film means that the ending will be open ended and its explanation is interesting. Feeding characters a little bit of blood brings some late thrills as they look to satisfy and unending hunger. The make-up effects are especially well done with bodies showing up with scarred torsos. Simply put, this is a horror film to see.

That's pretty glowing.

Examiner.com says:

as a first-time feature film director with acting experience, Robertson was able to make a name for herself in the genre with ‘Donner Pass;’ she understood the importance of building the relationships between the characters, and casting actors who understood their roles, instead of solely focusing on stunts, blood and gore. ‘Donner Pass’ stands out among independent horror movies, balancing strong lead characters with an intriguing back-story and interesting murders.

Matchflick says:

DONNER PASS doesn't get interesting until the second half, but it is worth the wait while watching the textbook murders that precede it. I'm calling this a "Buy," solely on the weight of the story. The ending does need another look and will hold up to repeated viewings. It will need to be watered down a tad to be commercial TV-ready (a shoo-in for Chiller and the Horror Channel), with some okay scares, some nudity, and sufficient cringe-worthy gore scenes.

Bloody-Disgusting does not share the positive sentiments of the aforementioned:

One shouldn’t blame Elise Robertson’s feature directorial debut Donner Pass for being an absolutely horrible film. In the vein of straight-to-DVD horror about kids going into the woods and dying, the direction is competent enough in that you won’t outright consider it terrible. All of the blame for this film rests squarely on the shoulders of first-time writer R. Scott Adams, whose script is filled with every manner of contrived plot points, annoying stock characters, and lazy dialogue imaginable

Shock Till Ya Drop had pretty okay feelings about it, all in all:

There are a lot of things going on in this movie to the point that the structure of the film feels lopsided. It seems like the flick is 70% slasher movie, 20% a weird I Spit on your Grave-esque subplot, and 10% a zombie movie.

Fearnet is also pretty okay with everything:

Donner Pass is a very conventional slasher flick that, to its credit, borrows a bit from the history books in an effort to add some natural creepiness to its set-up. But for all its stock ideas and simplistic characters and low-budget deficits, there's still a welcome sense of quality control — which is to say the film looks like it was made inexpensively, but it doesn't look cheap — in addition to a handful of solid (enough) performances, and a surprisingly sly screenplay that gives us some diverting stuff to chew on while we're waiting for the nasty parts to show up.

Horror Society says, " the lighting and picture quality is pretty much perfect" and, a site I've never heard of before (who knew there were so many horror sites?) called Horrorphilia had "an issue with the main quiet dude Thomas." I don't know who that dude who runs that site is but he's real eloquent.

If you don't recall, I hosted a thing with "Donner Pass" back in January with Shannon Lark and Stacy Hammon, my Viscera co-conspirators. The film is now out on DVD and rentable/watchable on Netflix. Decide for yourself!

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