9 Million New Pieces of News About Women Genre Film Directors You've Missed

Well, 9 Million is a (slight) exaggeration. But here's the thing: So many things happened over the past two weeks, and because of my two-week vacation in Barcelona (no that didn't happen) I didn't get to tell you about any of it. Here it is, en masse (French for ALL OF IT):

Tasmanian director Briony Kidd ("The Room at the Top of the Stairs") did a radio show appearance on Joy 94.9 on the show Sci-Fi and Squeam on February 11th to promote her fantastical film festival Stranger With My Face (happened tonight. Tomorrow? I don't really understand how time works in Australier). Listen to it Here.

Australian ABC (who knew?) did a video newspiece on Kidd's festival Stranger With My Face called "Female Psyche Explored In Horror." You can watch Kidd speak and see some clips of amazing shorts by women. Watch it here.

Killer Aphrodite made sure to talk about Kidd's festival and the films screening there, as well. I guess the Aussies know how to support their own! It's true! Because Australian rag FilmInk mentioned Ursula Dabrowsky and her new horror film, in production, called "Inner Demonin this article.

Ashleigh Nichols' short horror "Summer of the Zombies" gets a very great 8/10 review from ILikeHorrorMovies. ILikeHorrorMovies also did a short review of Laura Whyte's "Nursery Crimes."

Nichols ALSO got an interview on the blog run by Justin Hamelin, who is Women in Horror Month by interviewing several female horror film directors including Barbara Stepansky ("Fugue"), Cindy Baer ("Odd Brodsky"),  Marichelle Daywalt ("The Many Doors of Albert Whale") and of course, Nichols.

On February 9th,  Lucy Cruell ("31") was on the radio show Smut Elves (Cory J. Udler and Paula Duerkson). Listen.

Speaking of Podcasts, listen to Shannon Lark talk Women and Horror Month and The Viscera Film Festival with TwistedGeeks here.

Speaking speaking of podcasts, a new horror podcast called "Dolls of Despair" featured an interview with director Claire "Fluff" Llewellyn ("Conscience") as their very first piece. Listen to it here: 

Susanna Lo was interviewed by Chad Cherry about her new thriller/horror "Manson Girls" on LipService.com. The article, called "The Devil Inside," is right here.

Scottish Women in Horror Month horror film festival Jennifer's Bodies creator Jennifer Cooper interviewed several of the women whose films are playing in her fest, including Tara Nicole Azarian, Jennifer Campbell, Maude Michaud, and Axelle Carolyn.

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Kelcey Edwards' documentary about superheroines and comic book females "Wonder Women!: The Untold Story of America's Superheroines" got a pretty sweet write-up in The Huffington Post in which they're interviewed extensively and in which they say intelligent arty things like, "I love the idea of looking at something really populist like comic books and action movies to see what they saw about our society and values."

Teal Sherer's web series "My Gimpy Life" finally got funded, and Shearer was interviewed on TubeFilter – oh, fuck it. Just watch this:

Director Julie Ufema ("Caveat") actually went ahead and did what I want to do, every day, which is write an article about herself (in my case that would be "myself") and tells quite a poignant story about how she got herself into a feel-good state of genre filmmaking at the ripe age of 37 (that's young for me) after numerous self-decprecations. Read it here.

Alexia Anastasio ("Adventures in Plymptoons") was interviewed on MediaMikes about her new documentary on cartoonist Bill Plympton in which she says uplifting things like, "I am very proud of the film and I hope that it inspires as many people as possible to make their art no matter what."

The Viscera/Curio mashup in January was covered by the Cinema Dame on her site, er, CinemaDame.com. She provides a great review of and embeds trailers for all of the films, and she says,

I really loved some of the films at Viscera, and I also kind of hated some of the films at Viscera. But one thing I can say about all of the films is that they were, just as [Rachel] Talalay said, interesting — and for me, “interesting” is probably the best thing a film can be. Even if it makes you want to knock yourself unconscious using the head of the person sitting next to you.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Buried in a Book Crypt wrote a detailed article about Devi Snively ("Trippin'") for Women in Horror Month. She (the writer, Ashlee) also does a great piece on the Shannon Lark/Stacie Ponder collaboration "Lip Stick."

Speaking of Devi Snively and "Trippin'", here are two reviews of the upcoming release: one from LiberalDead and one from About Heroes.

Grace Huang talks about her role in Jen Thym's fantasy/horror/action "Bloodtraffick" to Eastern Film Fans (you know, because she's all Eastern, and shit). She admits that a feature-length version of the script is in the works…!

The Examiner.com wrote about five female horror film directors in honor of Women in Horror Month: Talalay, Bird, Lambert, Bigelow, and Harron (otherwise known as "the big five." No not really, but why not?)

So, the next time someone asks you, "Why don't you know of any female horror film directors?" or something like that, and you say, "Well, I just never hear about them, I guess there aren't that many" just go fuck yourself.

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