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Little Fishes Alexia Anastasio

LITTLE FISHES: Lesbian Erotica

I knew you'd read that headline. LITTLE FISHES is the new narrative project from director Alexia Anastasio: an adaptation of…

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night moves kelly reichardt


The Tribeca Film Festival, in New York City , happens  April 16th – 27th 2014, and screens literally dozens of features….

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Leigh Janiak's HONEYMOON

The new feature thriller HONEYMOON, written and directed by Leigh Janiak, has been on my radar since I first saw…

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celluloid ceiling spring 2014

Celluloid Ceiling, Lexi Alexander, and Etheria Film Night

I've missed out on posting a lot of really cool news about women directors lately. I took a huge imaginary…

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Madeleine Olnek's FOXY MERKINS - Planet Etheria

Madeleine Olnek's Dark Comedy THE FOXY MERKINS

A foxy merkin is a toupee for your vagina that's made of fox fur. Seriously. Madeleine Olnek's (CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE…

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LONG LIVE THE KING - a film by Trish Geiger and Frank Dietz

LONG LIVE THE KING – The New King Kong Documentary

I wrote about Trish Geiger's documentary BEAST WISHES last year for Famous Monsters of Filmland. Then, I saw that she…

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The Room at the Top of the Stairs by Briony Kidd

Five Australian Women Directors, One Horror Anthology

So delighted that, following on the heels of XX, there's a new all-female-horror anthology in the works from the gals…

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pinup dolls on ice


PIN UP DOLLS ON ICE, co-directed by Melissa Mira, is the opening night headliner film of the 2014 Shockfest Film…

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Axelle Carolyn Interview – SOULMATE

Axelle Carolyn's new feature film SOULMATE is a poignant, charming, and pretty tale of love and ghosts set in the…

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6figures barbara stepansky

Barbara Stepanksy To Direct Thriller 6 FIGURES

Barbara Stepansky is on a roll. After her recent Nicholl Fellowship win, she's just signed on to direct a new…

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XX horror anthology directed by women

XX Anthology: Horror Directed By Women

I leave the Internet for a few hours to get my mustache waxed and the next thing I know, this…

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altered perceptions


Kate Rees Davies's sci-fi thriller ALTERED PERCEPTION, which we've covered a bit before,  finally has some cool poster/teaser art. IN THE…

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